I want to write.

I was doing laundry today when a man walked into my apartment building’s laundry room. His name is Alan. He asked me about Belmont since I was wearing a School Of Music shirt. First, it still makes me laugh that about 3% of the student population actually wore Belmont spirit wear to classes or on campus at all. What does that say about our weird little world that people were embarrassed to show school pride?

He, of course, asked what kind of music I sang, where Belmont was, why I moved out here, blah, blah, blah. Essentially he was prolonging my laundry experience and I certainly didn’t appreciate it. For some reason, it just slipped out that I didn’t actually want to do music out here. I wanted to write here.

What a dumb answer, but it’s true. And I don’t mean it’s a dumb thing to want to do, but my path has certainly not always pointed toward comedy writing. I made that weird decision all on my own.

I want to write.


I often answer that I moved here to do music because it seems like a more logical answer and a safer answer. That’s insane. The music business is potentially the hardest industry to break into and, yet, here I am acting like I’m the shit and could definitely make it out here as a singer.

I definitely couldn’t, I’ll let you know that right now. I hate self promotion when it comes to music. Posting on Facebook about my junior recital was potentially the most excruciating experience for me to date. I don’t have the drive, or frankly, the desire to make it in the music industry.


Do I have the drive and desire to make it as a writer? Honestly, who knows, but it feels more natural. I like writing funny things.


Hopefully someone will pay me to do it someday.


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