Love is precious.

Here’s some absolute truth about life: it ends. It’s amazing and then it’s terrible and then it’s okay and then it’s confusing and then it’s weird.

Life is not the most precious thing we have. If it was, we’d all treat life a little more conservatively. No, love is the most precious thing we have.


I am so thankful to say I have found love all around me. From my family to my friends to strangers to people I don’t care for, I have found love. I see unconditional love in the support and generosity of my parents and siblings. I see undeniable love among my friends who are nowhere near me physically, and yet, make me smile and make life worthwhile every single day. I see unexpected love in the strangers who show a smile or open a door. I see weird love in the people I don’t care for because they remind me of the people I do love.


Here’s the real thing no one tells you about losing people you love–you don’t lose them. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t have my brother or both of my grandpas or now my grandma with me. There’s no way to lose someone who has brought love in your life. Yes, you don’t get to talk to them or see them physically, but I’m a firm believer that people know what we’re thinking or what we mean without having to say it.


That’s love. It’s not having to tell someone exactly how you feel because they know you and know how you’re feeling even before you know how you’re feeling. It’s them making you ice box torte because they knew you were coming over and of course you would want it. It’s cracking a joke just to see you smile. It’s always sending a text to ask if I’m okay even though you know I’m not. It’s knowing that I’m going to say I’m okay when I’m not. It’s knowing the difference between me being okay and not.


There’s plenty of people I love, but few taken it upon themselves to love me so deeply and to treat our love as precious.

Thanks to those people.


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