Wordless Wednesdays

Here are some weird things about me that probably most people would be surprised to know.

1. I cry during just about every movie. Inspirational, sad, you name it, I am weeping. Luckily I don’t make any noise when I cry so most people don’t notice until the tears have been wiped from my face.

2. I have a note I keep on my phone of inspirational quotes.

3. I love politics and have had legitimate dreams of working in the West Wing.

4. I research different jobs and careers multiple times a day. They don’t have to do with anything I actually want to do, usually, but I mostly want to see how much I could get paid to do something easy even if I don’t like it.

5. I read the Princess Diaries book series at least 13 times. There are 14 books.

6. I used to read a book a day in high school. Legitimately, I would bring a book to school and not pay attention in classes and read entire books in one day.

7. I intentionally paint my nails badly because they turn out amazing the next day after I’ve taken a shower and the excess polish gets removed.

8. I am a true make-up addict.

9. I watch YouTube videos a lot. Like a lot, a lot. Like beauty gurus and comedians.

10. I’ve only stayed up all night like four times in my life and none of them were in college.

11. I’ve never seen any of the Lord of the Rings movies.

12. If you ask me if I’ve seen/heard something, I’ll almost always say I have. I probably haven’t.

13. I wake up crazy early and sit on my computer for hours so I don’t have to see or talk to anyone.

14. I pretend to hate BuzzFeed. It’s the fourth most used app on my iPhone.

15. I honestly don’t know if I love coffee as much as I say I do or at one point I thought it was cool, so now I drink minimum 40 oz a day.

16. I often act like a bitch because I would legitimately do anything for anyone if they asked me so I’d rather they not ask.

17. I view it as a point of pride that my Twitter follower number is higher than my Twitter following number. I often stop following people to make that ratio even better.

18. I’m constantly thinking of reasons to text people. I rarely think of any.

19. If I’m in a new environment, I generally say one of my weirdest jokes and see who responds positively. Those are the people I make friends with. Hence, when I went to an improv class, I told someone his Nature Valley granola bar is what I’d call a “home snack” because of the crumbs. He laughed. We’ve bonded.

20. I’m not as tall as I think I am.

21. I would genuinely wear either pajamas or formal wear every single day. Neither are appropriate most days.

22. My eyes are two different colors. You probably noticed and didn’t acknowledge it. Or we’ve had at least six discussions about it and you constantly forget.

23. I once googled a picture of a hot guy from a TV show I was watching, imported it to Microsoft word, used the Shape tool to draw a heart around it, printed it out, and hung it in my room under other posters. I was either 8 or 9. This is how I knew I was straight. Also how I knew that my romantic life would never be on display for anyone.

I mean, what else was I going to write about today.


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