Look, Ma, I cleaned!

I cleaned my room today. It was getting to the point where I had built a high stakes obstacle course, and the reward (bed), was never attainable.

So, on to Target to buy a Swiffer and a vacuum. Both things that I’ve had previously, but are not things that you move from state to state to state when you’ve lived in the south, the midwest, and the west all within a month. We moved in to the apartment almost two months ago and have been getting by on Clorox wipes and hope. No longer, I thought, today.

First of all, my parents always said that you can’t walk into Target without spending at least $150.00. Well, I made it out only having spent $125.00. I honestly didn’t buy anything I did not need. I am unemployed so I’m very conscious of how much things cost and try to buy the generic of everything, etc., but in general it costs a hell of a lot of money to be a human. I was a spoiled kid and still am spoiled to this day, and I don’t think I’m buying things that I don’t need, but it’s still so much money. UGH. I just want a clean apartment.

Well, I get home and start cleaning my room, which did not actually take that long considering there was no carpet showing before I started. I started to vacuum and I made my bed and lit a candle (it was only $4) and life started to seem a little more okay. Not that life was bad before, but it’s true what they say, a clean working space leads to a clear, working brain.


Also, I was outside for like 30 minutes today so, I’d call today incredibly productive.


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