I will get a job.

Writing every day will become a lot easier when it’s part of my routine. I have whatever the opposite of a routine is right now. Today I woke up, went to my brother’s to work on some music that we’re planning to record. It was great because I honestly miss being mentally challenged by learning music and executing things using the technique I worked so hard to achieve.


I came home and showered, took a fifteen minute nap, got ready, went out for drinks and a show and ended up at home before 9pm. This wasn’t exactly planned, but I honestly was so thankful. I am exhausted. From doing nothing really, but probably more from stressing myself out about doing nothing. I’m doing everything I can to find a job and make plans with friends and work on what I want to do, so I really shouldn’t be overly stressed. I will get a job. I will fall into a routine. I will make a new home.


In the mean time, I’ll have dinner super late and get as much sleep as I can.


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