Sleeping In

I used to pride myself at being able to sleep super late. I could be known to sleep until 2:30 in the afternoon with ease. It was glorious. I was a master sleeper.

Then came my senior year of college. I have never been busier in my entire life. I mean it. I had class starting at 9am every day and I would be lucky if I got home before 11:30 at night. Class, rehearsal, writing, directing, being someone’s friend, the list went on and on. So, I took it upon myself to get up early so I could have some quiet time. I am a very introverted person. I absolutely need my personal time without anyone else there. This meant I got up around 5:30 every morning. I got to sit in my bed for forever and then shower when I wanted and then get ready as slowly as physically possible.


It sounds like a great way to have a productive day, but it is a terrible habit that I’ve formed. I haven’t slept past 9am in probably over a year. That means I’m always tired. I still go to bed super late, but my body has decided I have become an adult and need to get up early now. It’s the worst.



Oops, missed the technical 24 hour mark of posting this, but I’m still awake, so everyone CALM DOWN. Let it be known that I had good Mexican food with good friends and then saw some weird sketches including ones that were super racist.

Now time for beautiful sleep on my beautiful bed and then tomorrow I aim to please again, meaning I aim to post on time.

Bachelor in Paradise

Some of you may have been wondering why I haven’t been recapping Bachelor in Paradise weekly. Well, it’s not because I’ve stopped watching, that’s for sure.

It’s quite exhausting watching a show with little to no substance with that much focus and also taking notes and then immediately writing a recap of a show that lasts for two full hours.

I spent the day catching up on this week’s episode, though. “Spent the day?” you say? WHY YES BECAUSE THIS WEEK WAS TWO FULL EPISODES AKA 4 FULL HOURS OF TELEVISION. (Don’t worry, Mom, this was done in between sending out resumes and being a generally productive person.) I got to the final thirty minutes of the first episode and legitimately thought, “I have been watching this for over twenty four hours.” This was not for lack of juicy content or a generally bad show, it just for some reason felt like forever. Note that this did not prevent me from watching the next two and half hours of the show.


I have no real reason to be writing about this, other than for the fact that I don’t like to write things and stock pile them because I feel like that defeats the purpose of writing every day. In general, my life is pretty boring which is why you get lists like this or about the black hole of YouTube.

The Black Hole of YouTube

I legitimately had the idea to watch Master of Disguise tonight. Luckily, YouTube exists and I got sucked into to a several hour long marathon of late night interviews. It kept suggesting things that I may want to watch and they were correct every single time. I realize they’re stalking me and they know too much about me, but when it brings me such entertainment, how could I possibly be upset?

What I Want For Christmas 2014

Hello, I am a twenty-two year old post grad with a Christmas list. The following are some items I would like as well as a short explanation for them.


1. Roughly sixty rolls of quarters.

Wow, guys, I’ve found out that laundry is expensive. Not only expensive, but it is also only funded by a type of currency that no one ever carries. If rolls of quarters cannot be found, may I suggest writing to my apartment manager, Genesis*, and suggest a state of the art credit card machine that would fund the oldest washers and dryers nowhere near the Mason-Dixon line.

*Name has not been changed.

2. A chair.

You see, I’m broke. The only sit-able places in my apartment are as follows:

  • My Bed
  • My Floor
  • My Roommates Couch
  • A Barstool
  • A Different Barstool

Yep, that’s it, folks! On the upside, my calves are tight and toned thanks to my daily routine of making a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and eating it standing up and also day dreaming of seating.

3. Yearly supply of toilet paper.

Uh, this should be on everyone’s list every single year and it’s a wonder I’m the first to actual vocalize my need for this.

4. Bananas that do not ripen.

Let’s face it. The banana is a tricky little bastard of a fruit. How many times have you gone to the grocery store with dreams of eating one banana every morning until they’re all gone. Then, and only then, will the last banana have gotten a single age spot. Bananas are only 19 cents each! I’ll get five! I type this as I peer upon three overripe bananas. Not even a bread recipe could save these suckers.

5. K-Cups.

K-Cups! K-Cups galore! Saving money instead of going to Starbucks every morning by using your Keurig? Well, actually, you’re not even a little. The cheapest packs are about $12.00, which by my calculations means each delicious cup of coffee costs roughly one million dollars.

We didn’t have a math club in high school, could someone double check that for me?

6. Dust Bunnies.

Now, hear me out. I know what you’re thinking–doesn’t she get dust bunnies without even asking? Ah, I see what you mean, friend, but I’m not referring to that kind of dust bunny. I’m referring to a small rabbit (Are rabbits rodents? For some reason that was the original vocabulary in this section, but I’m 84% sure that a rabbit is not a rodent.) that would eat up all my dust for me. This way, I would get a fun companion, my cleaning would get done, and also I wouldn’t have to pay to feed this little bugger because its food source would just be the general crap that is a side-effect of living! Win win win win win!

7. A friend.

Probably my saddest list item. I have lots of friends. I HAVE LOTS I SWEAR IT. However, I would like a friend without the hassle of actual friendship. This new “friend” would serve one single purpose: giving the illusion of proper socialization. I would never ever ever speak to this person. This person would merely be there to sit next to me in silence while I do anything at all in order for me to feel as though I’ve had a positive interaction with society.


Well, there ya have it! Whether or not I’ve been good this year seems irrelevant, Santa, and I thought only our lord and savior Jesus Christ was able to judge us for our doings.


Woof, Mondays.

The Emmy were tonight which was great. Actually, my whole day was great, what am I talking about. Woke up, got some coffee, decided it was going to be cleaning day, got ready, went to the post office to mail a package, went and bought some stationary to send letters to my friends, went to the grocery store, came home. I wrote letters to my friends for awhile which was a weird experience. I haven’t hand written something in a long time. I realize how sad that is. After that I just sat around for a bit. It was great.

Then I watched and live tweeted the Emmys. It was a little different than I’m used to because I didn’t have my core group of friends around me who would also be tweeting with me. But I made the best of it. Then I made a delicious dinner, a friend came over and here we are.

I almost forgot to write something today. ALMOST. Nothing creative obviously, but still a reflection of my mind in this moment.

Part Review/Part Personal Advice/Part Scattered/All Written

Bet ya thought I forgot to write something today, huh? I’m coming in under the wire as they say.


I’ve spent the entire day with the written word. I finished a book today. I read over 300 pages.

When’s the last time you were able to say that?


I’ve been looking at this whole unemployment thing wrong. It seems like a punishment to be cooped up in my apartment all day when people all over the world are heading to a job they hate and complain about constantly. That will be me soon enough. So, I decided late last night that today would be a reading day. I’d started “Gone Girl” a few weeks ago and hadn’t really gotten into it. I few pages here, a few there, and I was about 100 pages in after reading for about three weeks. That’s super pathetic–especially to me since I’m a super fast reader and spent most of high school reading a book a day. So, since the movie is coming out relatively soon, and I’ve heard such great things about it, I figured I’d buckle down and get the damn thing read.


I don’t intend this post to be a review, but it’s kind of unavoidable. I liked the book. I did not love it. I thought it was an interesting perspective and it was written in a way that I had never seen before, but I always have a problem with fundamentally flawed characters. I had the same issue with Great Gatsby. There was not a single character in this book who I felt like started out okay. They were all pretending to be something they weren’t in order to keep up appearances. Yeah, I guess Nick was a good guy, but if he was okay with his (spoiler alert) murderer wife just because he was having a kid now and he was afraid of what Amy might do to him.

I have way more thoughts on it, obviously, but I’ll leave it at that. Zero redeeming characters. An interesting read, but not one I’m going to recommend to everyone I know. The movie will be great, I’m sure–it’s David Fincher and it’s going to be dark and interesting, but again, the characters are slightly two dimensional. I guess it boils down to the fact that I think the author was a bit self indulgent in her writing. She wrote about two tragic writers. Wow, groundbreaking.


Anyway, I’ll move on.

It was a privelege to be away from my computer all day today. I didn’t get a headache, which I realize I get every afternoon after staring at a screen all day long. I was able to enjoy a leisurely lunch and dinner and even prepared them with no distractions. It was honestly weird to have that much silence all day. Yes, I had my phone all day, and I checked it every twenty pages or so, but being alone with a story is a completely different thing than I’m used to.


So, like this post, my life is a little scattered right now, but I guess I need to just accept that and try to un-scatter it a little even if that means taking an entire day to read a book.