Writing every day has been a challenge. Mostly because part of my personality is that I often don’t talk unless I have something to say. I often have something to say so a lot of people think I’m a pretty loud person. Others tend to think I’m quiet or that I have a completely different personality than I actually have. Yes, I’ll admit, I’m a hard person to get to know and my silence is often off-putting. Also, my Twitter personality is slightly larger than life. I got into some trouble in college with people thinking I was mean and generally a bitch mostly because I would say what everyone was thinking but I’d put it on Twitter so everyone could see it. I got judged pretty quickly for that. Did I change what I said because of that? Nope. Probably led to some more judgement, but who cares. My two main mottos in life are “Nobody cares.” and “Get over it.” I believe these things perhaps a little too much–I say nobody cares not because there is literally no one that cares, but in general, people care more about themselves more than anyone else. Pick who you want to tell your story to, don’t just post a Facebook status and get a million likes and comments wishing you well or giving you pity. Those people don’t actually care. They just like that they get to look nice and caring for a minute. I guarantee they’re running back to their friends talking about how you post too much or share too much information. Also, get over it. Now, I don’t believe you can get over everything. Some things you just live with and adjust and get a new normal. But most of our day to day life is spent stressing about things that really don’t matter. Think back on your day–did anything life changing happen? I mean really life changing. Did someone die? Was someone born? Not much else matters. You’ll get over it, or you’ll live with it.


Soapbox done.


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