Bed Rest

I’ve had two days in a row with no plans whatsoever. The type of days where I had to make myself put on sweatpants instead of just pajamas because if I truly never got out of my pajamas, then it would just be sad. I did not leave my apartment. Not once. Now, I know that I can be slightly anti-social, but not leaving a place for 48 hours? That is some agoraphobia type shit. A lot of the reason I stay in my apartment and not interact with any other human and generally don’t serve myself well as a person is because I’m broke. The kind of broke that makes you dream about going out to dinner and getting nice things for your apartment and being a regular human. Leaving the apartment requires money. If I walk anywhere, I can’t have a destination in mind because that destination, nine times out of ten, costs money. Drive your car, then, you say? Well, with gas prices hovering around $4.15 a gallon, you could say driving is a rich man’s game.


So, since I’m basically on bed rest, I take it upon myself to try to connect with the outside world the only way my generation knows how–I text my friends. If you are my friend and you are reading this, you may have noticed an increase in unnecessary texts. I NEED HUMAN INTERACTION FRIENDS. I realize that this is not actual human interaction and therefore I am still a hermit crab, but some days it’s the best I can do.


Someone give me a job, if for no other reason than I need something else to write about other than unemployment.


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