I did not know my own strength until today. I was sitting in a writing class and realized I needed to go to the bathroom.

“Only 30 more minutes.” I thought.

Thirty minutes pass. I head for the bathroom. There are no fewer than six people waiting to use the bathroom.


Hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have had that venti coffee and two full water bottles, but hydration is everything, right?


I get in my car and think, “Surely, I can make it the twenty minute drive to my brother’s apartment.” I quite immediately hit traffic. In a way that only someone who needs to go to the bathroom would.

Just when I think I’ve cleared the traffic, I run into more traffic.


This happens about four more times.


Forty-five minutes into this car ride, I get off at the exit for my brother’s apartment, but nope, I can’t hold it that long. I rush into a McDonald’s the way I imagine someone on a juice fast might and I finally reach the bathroom.


The bathroom is gross, no doubt, but at least I made it to one.


I am a stronger woman for this experience.


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