Hello, brain. It’s me, Maria.

My brain gave up today. I haven’t been sleeping super well due in part to my window overlooking a courtyard that is a giant gramophone and also due to the fact that my mattress is maximum 6 inches thick. It was the cheapest mattress from Ikea and boy does it show. I woke up and immediately couldn’t decide where I was or how I got here or how to proceed. (I had not drunk a drop the night before, I’ll have you know.) Eventually, I pulled myself out of bed and got ready to get breakfast with a friend. Most of the conversation before the waiter brought my coffee was riddled with my own grammar inaccuracies and general incoherence.

I then went to record vocals with my brother for a project we’re working on. He does not have air conditioning. I was quite literally blowing hot air into a room that could not have a fan because it would ruin the vocal track. I left a few pounds lighter and quite a few cards short of a deck. My brain was fried.

I got home and was ready to write and get some chores done and read. Oh boy, did the opposite of that happen! I tried to read right away and my brain just said, “nope”, and was not ready to process new information. So, naturally, I turned on The West Wing, which is probably my favorite show of all time, and watched episodes I’ve already seen because my brain had already processed that stuff and was ready for a break .

It’s about 2 hours later now, and I realize I have to write something for this blog, which indicates that this is officially a habit, and I’m still watching West Wing and hoping tomorrow my brain is ready for anything.


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