My Emotional Journey Through The #IceBucketChallenge

Anyone who knows me or who follows me on Twitter or reads this blog, for that matter, knows how smug I was about not being nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge. I had even written a post yesterday afternoon about how a friend had checked with me about whether or not I would do the challenge and when I told her I didn’t own a bucket, and also I live in a state with a severe drought, she politely failed to nominate me.

Not even an hour later, I checked my phone and I had a notification from Facebook. I opened the application and was instantly filled with fear. One of my best friends from high school, a friend of the other friend who had asked me if I would participate, had nominated me.


My life was forever changed.


I sprung into action. I texted all my best friends from college and instantly started complaining. Water? Ice cold water? Poured on my precious head? The same challenge my friend had been nominated for and for which I consequently ridiculed him for a day? Oh, that one? YEP, THAT ONE.

I was, first, angry. I ran through my plans for the next 24 hours–would I physically be able to complete this task in the allotted time? Then, I instantly realized, I am so severely unemployed that if I were any more free, I would be a bird. I had no excuse. Nothing to blame for my inability to complete the challenge. So, I started to think. This was an opportunity for me. I suddenly was filled with hope and wonder and ability.

I immediately updated my iMovie software. I knew that would come in handy. I initially imagined a delightful video where you would see me purchase a bucket and ice and all the accouterments that come along with this challenge. Well, that’s dumb, I thought. Why not use the money I would use to purchase that and donate it to the cause I was about to support?


So, I spent the evening dreaming of ways to make this challenge video the best yet. I came up with nothing special really.


I woke up the next morning a bit dejected. I had resigned myself to just donating the money and not performing the challenge because I thought it would be sad to do alone. So I sat down, ready to write a blog post about this emotional journey, and went to to donate. I was instantly filled with a new fire for the challenge. I thought, how dumb would I be if I don’t pour some water on my head? This is one of the only times where I’m happy to go with the crowd. My iMovie was updated anyway, might as well put it to good use. So, I donated, grabbed my laptop and a barstool, and headed into the bathroom. That is by far the oddest string of words ever put together, but it is exactly what happened. I set up my computer to face my beautiful shower, stepped out to grab a giant pot of water and ice and headed back into the bathroom. I made a practice intro because I wanted to make sure that it would actually record me doing this, because if I was going to feel generous, EVERYONE MUST KNOW.


Then, I did it. I poured a giant pot of freezing water on my head. I edited the video so so poorly, and here we are now.


I have accomplished something.


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