I’m Exhausted

I’m so tired. In a way I don’t remember being tired except after Christmas at Belmont, which probably means nothing to my readers, but was a concert my college put on every year. Every other year, though, it was broadcast on PBS so we would rehearse for two full days. Like thirteen hour days. It doesn’t sound like it would be too strenuous to rehearse music–I mean, not much physical activity was involved, but my brain. Oh man, my brain got so overworked. This past year, my parents came down to see the concert so they drove me home for winter break the day after the concert. It ended up being a twelve hour drive because we were stopped in Kentucky for a solid four hours without moving an inch. A semi had flipped and spilled its contents across the entire highway so we were stuck until that got fixed. I slept for probably a total of ten of those hours on that drive. I was truly exhausted.

That’s how I felt today. I woke up and instantly wanted to fall asleep. Again, I haven’t been doing huge amounts of physical activity or anything super strenuous, but I’ve spent months now stressing about finding a job and it is truly exhausting.

Sorry the creative juices aren’t exactly flowing, but I have to be honest and say that I honestly want to sleep for six days. I won’t, of course, because my mattress is horribly unsupportive and also they’re completely re-doing the roof of our apartment building and I live on the top floor so it sounds like my apartment is about to fall down for seven full hours every day, which is fun.


I digress.


Let them be tired.


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