Part Review/Part Personal Advice/Part Scattered/All Written

Bet ya thought I forgot to write something today, huh? I’m coming in under the wire as they say.


I’ve spent the entire day with the written word. I finished a book today. I read over 300 pages.

When’s the last time you were able to say that?


I’ve been looking at this whole unemployment thing wrong. It seems like a punishment to be cooped up in my apartment all day when people all over the world are heading to a job they hate and complain about constantly. That will be me soon enough. So, I decided late last night that today would be a reading day. I’d started “Gone Girl” a few weeks ago and hadn’t really gotten into it. I few pages here, a few there, and I was about 100 pages in after reading for about three weeks. That’s super pathetic–especially to me since I’m a super fast reader and spent most of high school reading a book a day. So, since the movie is coming out relatively soon, and I’ve heard such great things about it, I figured I’d buckle down and get the damn thing read.


I don’t intend this post to be a review, but it’s kind of unavoidable. I liked the book. I did not love it. I thought it was an interesting perspective and it was written in a way that I had never seen before, but I always have a problem with fundamentally flawed characters. I had the same issue with Great Gatsby. There was not a single character in this book who I felt like started out okay. They were all pretending to be something they weren’t in order to keep up appearances. Yeah, I guess Nick was a good guy, but if he was okay with his (spoiler alert) murderer wife just because he was having a kid now and he was afraid of what Amy might do to him.

I have way more thoughts on it, obviously, but I’ll leave it at that. Zero redeeming characters. An interesting read, but not one I’m going to recommend to everyone I know. The movie will be great, I’m sure–it’s David Fincher and it’s going to be dark and interesting, but again, the characters are slightly two dimensional. I guess it boils down to the fact that I think the author was a bit self indulgent in her writing. She wrote about two tragic writers. Wow, groundbreaking.


Anyway, I’ll move on.

It was a privelege to be away from my computer all day today. I didn’t get a headache, which I realize I get every afternoon after staring at a screen all day long. I was able to enjoy a leisurely lunch and dinner and even prepared them with no distractions. It was honestly weird to have that much silence all day. Yes, I had my phone all day, and I checked it every twenty pages or so, but being alone with a story is a completely different thing than I’m used to.


So, like this post, my life is a little scattered right now, but I guess I need to just accept that and try to un-scatter it a little even if that means taking an entire day to read a book.


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