Bachelor in Paradise

Some of you may have been wondering why I haven’t been recapping Bachelor in Paradise weekly. Well, it’s not because I’ve stopped watching, that’s for sure.

It’s quite exhausting watching a show with little to no substance with that much focus and also taking notes and then immediately writing a recap of a show that lasts for two full hours.

I spent the day catching up on this week’s episode, though. “Spent the day?” you say? WHY YES BECAUSE THIS WEEK WAS TWO FULL EPISODES AKA 4 FULL HOURS OF TELEVISION. (Don’t worry, Mom, this was done in between sending out resumes and being a generally productive person.) I got to the final thirty minutes of the first episode and legitimately thought, “I have been watching this for over twenty four hours.” This was not for lack of juicy content or a generally bad show, it just for some reason felt like forever. Note that this did not prevent me from watching the next two and half hours of the show.


I have no real reason to be writing about this, other than for the fact that I don’t like to write things and stock pile them because I feel like that defeats the purpose of writing every day. In general, my life is pretty boring which is why you get lists like this or about the black hole of YouTube.


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