Women in Television

I was watching an interview with Lena Dunham, a woman whom I greatly respect and who has paved the way for girls like me to hopefully break into the entertainment industry. In case you’re living under a rock, Lena has very strong feelings about feminism and the importance of women in high powered positions.


In this interview, she defended her belief that there needs to be more female writers and sh0wrunners. As someone who wants to do both of those things, I couldn’t agree more. Her interviewer asked her why she thought there aren’t more women doing that. She gave an incredible answer that I completely respect.

She said that when women are looking at the landscape of Hollywood and the entertainment industry, in general, they are seeing nothing but obstacles. They are seeing issues. They are seeing reasons they are not needed. She then says that it takes a special kind of person to believe that they can enter a world where it seems there is no room for them.


She perfectly detailed my feelings about what I’m trying to do. I see nothing but obstacles and have, unfortunately, run into nothing but obstacles since I moved here. I’m about to say something now that I’ve probably never admitted out loud, though: I am good enough to run my own show some day, if that’s what I choose to do. I did not say that I currently am good enough to write, create, star, produce, direct, etc. my own show, but I firmly believe I’m the kind of person that can make her own opportunities and can truly do whatever I choose to do if I work hard enough at it.

I need to remember that, though–I am talented and someday I will have what I wish for, but until then I need to combat the constant negativity of not finding a job in my chosen field and not immediately finding success. I’m 22 for god’s sake. I’ve been here just over three months and those three months have not been wasted. I’m already into my second class, this one for writing, and it’s honestly going really well.


I’m sick of apologizing for thinking I’m funny or thinking that I’m talented. Because I am. I am not the funniest, nor the most talented, but that does not mean that I’m any less than what I am.


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