It is time I profess my true love for Twitter. I started another parody account today–my second in the past three months. Some say crazy. I say comforting. Twitter is always there for me for a laugh, for some information, for a connection to my best friends that live thousands of miles away.

I spend time on Twitter the way some people read a book–I dive in, I get connected to the characters, and I get so excited every time a new event happens. Live tweeting is my shit. If I could get paid to tweet, I would die happy. One day, maybe. Or maybe that would take the fun out of it.


I’m also sick of people not responding to me. Especially if we’re fighting. We all live in a world where we’re on our phone every minute of every day. No matter how busy we are, we all have half a second to respond to a text. Sorry, but I find no real excuse.


I don’t drink a ton. I enjoy an alcoholic drink here and there, but in general, I hate being drunk, so why waste my money and my life on an experience I don’t enjoy. This often comes off as though I’m judging people who do drink a lot. I’m not. Or at least I think I’m not. I just don’t get it and can’t relate to it, so I never really know what to say. My best friends know this, everyone else often thinks I’m just being a bitch.


There ya go: a post as scattered as my brain.


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