I woke up in the mood to do some crafting. I’ve lived in this apartment for a little over three months now and I keep telling myself that I’ll actually decorate my room when I have some disposable income. Well, that has taken quite awhile, and I figured it was time to take some ownership for something in my room. I went to Michael’s which was crazy because that place is insane and also I walked up and down the same aisles about six times. I was there for probably an hour.

I wanted to make a string-y thing that said “Treat Yo’ Self” because it’s honestly how I felt this morning, and it’s just something I need to see every day. Plus it’s funny and just quirky enough to be in a 22-year old’s bedroom. I’ve also wanted to do a gallery wall in my room since the second that I moved in. I wanted to make an effort to actually decorate this room how I really wanted it to look because it’s my first real room. Yeah, I lived in two different apartments in college, but neither of those places were my home. So I also grabbed a couple wooden letters that I decided to paint that would pair nicely with my fake family crest (that’s a weird thing, but yes, we have a family crest, we just happened to make it up), and a watercolor poster I got from Etsy that has Mindy Kaling and a line from The Mindy Project that reads “It’s so weird being my own role model.” It’s cute and hilarious, and yes, also just quirky enough to be in a 22-year old’s bedroom. I plan to also print out some Instagrams and also get some mirrors to fill up the wall. There’s a fake taxidermied deer head that I also want but it’s like $250 and also super unnecessary.


Crafting today, though, was fun. In making my string of words, I had to do some problem solving and some critical thinking and also got to just use some creativity. It was a great stress reliever. Am I a crafter? No, not really, but projects here and there are fun and it’s cool to see something you want that you could definitely buy for way more expensive, but you took the time and actually did it yourself.


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