We’re the funniest people I know.

I don’t know if there’s a funniest person I know. I’ve been thinking about this. I think super highly of myself, which is not a great thing. I think I’m pretty funny. Who is the funniest person I know, though? I feel like I go to specific people for specific funny. My core group of friends in college was made up of hilarious people that all had completely separate senses of humor. One friend is crazy smart and knows big words and makes you laugh because everything she says is so clever. Another is the male version of me and takes pride in being silly and also just thinking a lot of things are funny, which in and of itself is funny. Yet another is traditionally funny–he probably doesn’t think so, but he’s a crowd pleaser–he knows what the main joke of something is and he performs that joke well. Friend #4 truly gives no shits–he is confident and goofy and hilariously specific in his jokes. This other one is such a child in the best way and brings out the imagination in you. Still another is dry and straightforward and also has the greatest laugh ever. There’s a kid who is probably most like me–something both he and I probably didn’t realize until recently–we like the same things and could text about the single most specific of subjects for hours. One is a guy I didn’t really get to know, but uses his words with intention which is hilarious. Another is free and open and loves vocabulary and is curious about what makes people laugh. Still another loves burping and laughing and using weird voices and saying “gooch”. Friend #11 is so lovely and can talk to you about anything and probably knows a lot about a lot of things and is not afraid to use that knowledge to make you laugh. And finally, one is aggressive with his humor and let’s you know what is funny and what is definitely not.


We’re for sure the funniest people I know. Not one in particular, but all of us at our best when we’re at bdubs and talking to our favorite waiter Jeremy and when we’re texting each other all day long and using our own individual humor to make the single greatest, probably most offensive, and most inside jokes we could make. They’re the best.


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