Writing 101: Serially Lost

Write about a loss: something (or someone) that was part of your life, and isn’t any more.

I went through a scarf phase. If we’re honest, I’m still in a scarf phase, but my life and all its belongings have been moved to Los Angeles where nary a scarf could, or should, be found. There is nothing I love more than a great infinity scarf that adds some interest to my basic uniform of black jeans, chambray top, and ankle boots. Ask anyone who’s ever used their eyes and seen me in the fall/winter seasons. I believe it was my junior year of college when I went home for winter break–there was a particular scarf that I had been loving. It was patterned appropriately, was the perfect length for my neck, and was a muted multi-color meaning it could go with absolutely everything. Well, I don’t know where it got lost, but it is either in the depths of a Nashville Goodwill or was buried under the snow during the polar vortex (though that event occurred a whole year later). Either way, it was, and still is, nowhere to be found. I find myself still dreaming of that scarf and the two outfits it would be perfect for–but, alas, I’m here in Los Angeles with no need for a scarf, no matter how perfect. I’ve even lost my sense of style a bit, because my coloring and my general approach to dressing was a definite winter. I will find new scarves, or at least newer, better things than scarves, but I will always wonder where that trust friend ended up.


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