It’s the little things.

I had my sketch writing class today and the weirdest thing happened. It actually wasn’t that weird, but it was just how it happened that was super weird. A woman swung the door open wide in the middle of our class, made eye contact with all twelve of us, then proceeded to take her time and say “Oh, I must be in the wrong room.” Something about her doe eyes, the length of her sentence, and the general length of her stay struck a chord with me. She left the room and I instantly said, “That woman changed my life, I am forever changed.” It was true. Something about her confidence in opening that door, the amount of time it took her to figure out that she was not in the correct room, and the formality of her sentence just made me laugh. The last twenty minutes of class were literally all twelve of us riffing on what we think her life story was–how old she is, why she was in the building at that particular time, how we could find her again. It’s honestly one of the funniest things that has happened to me in quite some time. And the funny part is that nothing really happened at all. Even in retelling this story, I realize that there is something about being in a room full of writers (or at least a room full of people who care enough about writing jokes to pay for a class in it) and experiencing something like that. It changed my life. Ugh, I’m still laughing.


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