I’ll be back.

I’ve officially posted over 100 times to this blog. On the other hand, I think it’s pretty obvious I’ve run a little dry with content. Let me give you a quick life update, though. I’ve been officially hired part time by my internship–I usually work about four days a week, often including nights, and it’s a lot of work for not a lot of money, but I’m so thankful to have something to fill most of my days. I’ve also just completed my first sketch writing class out here and I really, really enjoyed it. It made me realize that I am out here to do something that I actually do have some potential in and also I have a lot of work to do. This is not a bad thing. After seeing some sketch shows at UCB and getting feedback from current writers at the theatre, I feel like it might be a place I’d like to write for someday soon. We’ll see. Maybe it’ll happen, maybe it won’t. I start another writing class in about two weeks, this time the class focuses on writing spec scripts which are something that terrify me and also excite me and also just seem like a lot of time and work.

I also have made some new friends, connected with old friends, and generally have spent a lot of time exploring my new city and all that it has to offer. I have a Mexican restaurant that I love, now, which honestly is a huge relief. Who wants to waste time finding a good mexican restaurant? Also, I recorded an EP with my brother and we started a podcast.

I spend my days that I’m not working just relaxing and applying to jobs (one of which looks 20% promising at the moment) and watching interviews with my heroes and reading and living life.

Writing it all out, I’m really proud of myself. Most people don’t do this many things in their lifetime, let alone in their first four months in a new city.

All of this said, I need a break. I have a friend coming into town and I don’t want to be stressed about writing something creative for this blog for a weekend that I desperately need that has some sense of home. It’ll also give my brain a little time to recharge. To start being funny again and to get back to its normal pattern. See you in a week, with hopefully better content and a fully recharged brain.


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