Thoughtful Thursdays: Facebook

I hate Facebook. THERE I SAID IT. It is dumb and just makes me angry every single time I go on it (which is about 100 times a day). I am a millennial and therefore have a need to get any type of news constantly throughout the day. If my phone doesn’t buzz for any reason for more than 20 minutes, it’s concerning to me. I’m sure my parents could further explain how much data and texting and general phone use I waste based on the monthly bill that goes directly to their house. (Yes, I’m also a spoiled brat who doesn’t yet pay for her own phone bill. Obviously I’m not proud of this, but I’m 22, there are much bigger issues I need to be dealing with at the moment.)

Since I joined Facebook in 2006, heading into my freshman year of high school, there has not been a single day that has gone by that I don’t see a plea for prayer or someone complaining about something or sharing good news or bad news or sharing good jokes or bad jokes. Look, I respect the idea that Facebook is a platform to share life events and news stories and all the things I mentioned above, but why is it? When Facebook was created, it was just for college students, as a way to expand their social circle. You even had to have a college email address to even sign up for the site. I mean, I may have misunderstood it when I was signing up, but I was pretty sure it was just a different way to get in contact with your friends and post photos and have a good time.


When did it become about sharing the most intimate details of your life? I’ll admit, I may not be the person to ask. Even most of my best friends don’t know the most intimate details of my life. I tell people very, very little about my life. That’s my choice. I always thought sharing the intricacies of my life would be for one person in the whole world, so sue me. I have shared some things on Facebook, like things I think are funny, or creative projects I’ve worked on, or stuff like that. I have maybe twice in my life shared things that have really, truly impacted my life or my own personal feelings about things.

My friends from high school and I text every day about another classmate who has done something weird and posted it on Facebook. My best friends from college and I text every day about the exact same thing, but with different classmates. Obviously this is not how the site is meant to be used, but come on, you’re posting stupid things on Facebook, we’re going to have to discuss it.


Here’s a wild idea: share the things that you think people would like. Share the things that bring a smile to someone’s face. Stop asking for attention. I guess that’s my real, main issue with Facebook. There’s no way you can post anything at all without desperately asking for attention. That’s just how it’s set up. Maybe if instead of asking for attention, we actually gave attention to things that mattered.

Maybe I’m alone in asking for this. Most definitely I should get off of Facebook if it bothers me this much, but, as I said before, I’M A MILLENNIAL, I CRAVE INFORMATION. Until I actually grow up and don’t let these things bother me, I’ll continue writing blog posts about it, as is required of my age group.


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