Funny Fridays 10/24/14

This weekend at my alma mater is Fall Follies–the comedy sketch show I’ve had the pleasure of writing and directing for. But, I graduated, so it’s not mine anymore. I left it in the incredibly capable hands of my only friend who I have told is funnier than me. We went through a phase of simply telling each other we liked each other’s work for like a solid month. It was weird and true and so college in every way. I got real sad today for a couple of reasons–one, I know the show is going to be amazing in a way I never could have made it. I was too busy when I directed and I did the best I possibly could, so I’m proud of that, but this year they had more organization and didn’t have to deal with some stuff that I had to deal with so obviously I got jealous. And two, I can’t be there to see the show. I can’t see how my hard work, which is exactly what it was, allowed this year’s show to be even bigger and better than before, which it should be.


One of the times I laughed harder than ever before, though, was watching the final show one year ago, on a brisk Saturday night. I was sitting in the front row with my parents beaming on my left because they were proud of me for what I’d done, but I also think they were proud because I was so clearly proud of what I’d done. We got to a point in the show where a sketch that honestly had not been going well was up and I was a little nervous. Of course, I had a smile plastered on my face, but the corners of my mouth began to move in a bit, anxious for how this was going to go. All the boys were in this sketch including my best friend. It was a football practice scene and basically there was a coach yelling at four guys who were the opposite of athletic. Good ole Collier, the true all-American boy was playing the coach and he was giving. Quite honestly living his truth in being a football coach. My best friend was up there being a measly hipster and when Collier went off script and yelled at him to sit down, I’ve literally never howled with laughter more because Brandon sat down. They were in it like never before and instantly, they all heard me laughing, then they all started laughing. You know when Stefon breaks on SNL and you lose your shit because there is something so funny about the fact that these actors cannot even get through a scene without laughing because it’s just so funny. The sketch went on at least an extra three minutes because they would stop laughing and then I would start laughing even louder and it became a vicious, vicious cycle. It’s still one of my favorite memories of all time.

Brand and I were texting and wallowing about the fact that college is over and we don’t get to do Follies anymore and we’re jealous and sad about this year. We both remembered that sketch, though, and I said no one can take that away from us. And it’s true.

Nothing better in the whole world than a hearty laugh that you’ll never be able to forget.


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