Feeling Inspired

I had a great day. One of those days where you wake up and don’t think much is going to happen and then all of a sudden you’re in the mood to talk and create and write and be productive.

I don’t give enough credit to my friends. I am very secure in who I am and I often say that I only spend my time doing exactly what I want to do. That’s kind of not fair to them, though. Maybe sometimes they want to hang out with me or talk with me and I’m in one of my “everyone get away, I need some alone time” phases. Well, those aren’t really phases, I really do want to be alone nine times out of ten. But what’s amazing is that the friends I do have get that. They know I’ll let them know when I want to do something, but they also sometimes encourage me to get out and work on something and that’s pretty incredible. I never realized how rare it is to have such a big group of friends who are really pushing me to be and achieve everything I’ve ever wanted.

I also don’t give enough credit to myself. Much of the time, especially now that I have a full time job, I’m tired and I want to just sit and do nothing and turn my brain off for awhile and veg out. That’s fine, and as I’ve said, sometimes that’s exactly what I need and I need to realize that. But, I often forget that being tired doesn’t necessarily mean I need to go to bed. Sometimes when I’m tired, I think of the funniest, weirdest, craziest things.


I had a five hour writing class yesterday. We went over four pages of two separate scripts in that time. I loved absolutely every second of it. I felt like it was something I wasn’t good at yet, but I could be really good at if I worked hard enough. So today, I worked hard. I wrote pitches for a new spec I’m writing. I worked a little on the current spec I’m writing. I made a decision about a pilot I’m involved with. And I made a conscious decision to work on my own pilot the second I get a chance. I’m so incredibly excited to be writing and it’s been awhile since I’ve said that. It’s fun again. It’s not a chore. It’s not something I feel like I need to do just because I’ve declared it’s something I want to do. It’s something that I feel like is good for me. I feel like I’m going to try to keep up with this blog a little bit more, too.


I need to start realizing that I do have something valuable and interesting and, often times, funny to say. So, much like me thinking that my friends don’t always want to hang out with me, I’m learning that it’s important to share things with people because people are more like me than I realize. They’re interested in other people’s stories. They’re interested in jokes. They’re interested in me. That’s kind of cool to figure out.


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